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Vehicle Overview

It takes years of hard work and dedication to become licensed to race hardcore dragsters, but Idris had just a couple of weeks. Expertly coached by 2012 NHRA Top Fuel champion Antron Brown, he got behind the wheel of the 160mph Super Comp Dragster at the Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, Texas.

The car he drove was specially-built by Doug ‘Giant Killer’ Foley, a drag racing legend. It can accelerate from 0-60 mph in under three seconds – F1 territory – and is capable of low eight second times for the quarter mile.

As long as the car conforms to NHRA safety standards, including all four- and six-cylinder entries weighing no less than 1,000lb (453kg), there are no rules regarding engine displacement, horsepower (cars vary wildly between 600 and 1,200 bhp) or even the type of car!

The engines can burn petrol or alcohol but they can’t use nitro (nitromethane and methanol) or nitrous (oxide) and the Super Comp class of drag racing has an 8.90 index, meaning that racers have to hit the quarter-mile mark in 8.9 seconds or under.

Experts suggest that you need at least 800-900 bhp to be competitive in the Super Comp class but interestingly, success depends more on the skill of the driver than the size of the engine.

Going up against experienced drag racers, Idris took charge of his Super Comp in a specially-devised competition group at the NHRA Spring Nationals. The group was made up of racers who have been competing in the year-long drag racing season and have chalked up countless race events between them. Chosen at random, Idris faced a steep learning curve as he pitted his wits against seasoned competitors.

Although Idris is a true petrolhead, he is a self-confessed novice to drag racing, leaving little doubt that this will be one of the most challenging moments of his speed-chasing career. Make sure you don’t miss the action – tune in to see how he gets on!

Technical Specification