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Drag Racing

Idris is challenged with entering the world of drag racing, born on the streets of America and now a world-famous motorsport.

Before sitting behind the wheel, Idris heads for Santa Pod, the home of the UK drag racing scene, where he meets one of the country’s best known drag racers, Paul Marston.

Thrilled to watch the speeds and listen to the deafening noise of the cars with Paul, Idris decides he is up for the challenge and heads to the USA.

First, Idris goes to downtown Miami to rendezvous with a drag racing crew at a local car park, before heading to meet the professionals in Dallas, Texas, where he will learn how to handle a
Super Comp drag car.

With the help of 2012 NHRA champion Antron Brown, Idris will learn to accelerate from standstill to 100mph in just 0.8 seconds, before potentially achieving speeds of around 200mph over a quarter of a mile.

If he can obtain the NHRA drag racing licence he needs in order to compete, Idris can take part in a top fuel competition.

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