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Rally Driving

Ever since he was a little boy, Idris has dreamed of taking part in the famous and prestigious Circuit of Ireland race.

And now, with the help of top rally driver Jimmy McRae, he is given the chance to take part in a stage of this two-day, 1000 mile event, travelling at speeds of more than 100mph. The narrow tarmac lanes of the course make for an intense experience, even for experienced rally drivers.

Idris meets manufacturers at the Ford plant in Dagenham, where he worked as a teenager, before taking possession of the Ford Fiesta in which he is to compete.

Next, he has to take his BARS rally licence test before meeting his co-driver, Michael Orr. Because of Idris’s tight schedule, the pair have to train in the London backstreets. Time is of the essence, and they need practice before flying to Ireland to tackle the winding country roads.

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