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Ed is one of the top aerobatic pilots in the country. He did his first loop strapped to his mum’s chest aged just six months old and has been hooked ever since.

With his father an RAF and later commercial pilot, Ed grew up around planes and learned to fly from the age of 12, when he used to sit on a cushion to see out of the window. He flew his first solo flight when he was just 19 and although didn’t want to go down the commercial route like his father, aerobatics has always been his main focus in life.

Ed is currently a Team GBR Competition Aerobatic Pilot rated 2nd in the UK. Flying aerobatics for over 15 years, he has amassed multiple national trophies.

He has amassed several thousand flying hours, as he continues to take part in aerobatic events across the globe, flying on an almost daily basis.


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